Solutions of Bad Performance and Blue Screen Problem

#How to Solve Poor Performance#

If you feel poor performance when using MEmu, it’s absolutely abnormal because MEmu is the most powerful Android Emulator in this world. ?

In fact, there are five possible reasons.

  1. You are using a very outdated computer, maybe five years ago or even older, like Intel Pentium, Celeron or Atom serial processor with less than 2GB memory.
    [Solution: You deserved a better computer, check system requirements.]
  2. The hardware virtualization feature is not enabled or conflicted on your computer.
    [Solution: You can try to enable/fix it. Enable VT or Solve VT Conflict]
  3. You have installed too many apps in a single VM, which makes the performance worse.
    [Solution: Create a new VM with Multi-MEmu if you have more 30 apps installed.]
  4. Some antivirus or security software is not in favor of emulator software very much, like 360 or bit-defender. As far as I know, some installation failures are also caused by such kind of software.
    [Solution: Turn off these software completely and try with MEmu again.]
  5. Some other antivirus software like AVAST and/or AVG by default enable “Hardware-assisted virtualization” that means they are exclusively using some CPU-cores, too.
    [Solution: You have to disable this feature in mentioned AV-programs’ settings.]


#How to Fix Hardware Assistant Virtualization Conflict# (Which result in Blue Screen Problem)

As we mentioned above paragraph,

If you run into performance drop or stuck at 59% loading or vt-x occupation warring, please check your system as below.

1. When AVAST or AVG exists on your PC, please disable hardware-assisted virtualization in troubleshooting setting and reboot system. Sometimes, it will be enabled after a certain update.

2. If you have Windows Hyper-V (an optional feature of Windows), please turn it off and reboot the system. Sometimes, it will be turned on after a certain Windows update.

3. Some other antivirus/virtualization software may also occupy hardware-assisted virtualization feature exclusively, so please try to disable or uninstall it.

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