PUBG Mobile version 3.0 update brings new game modes, a variety of improvements, and more

The highly awaited version 3.0 update of PUBG Mobile, renowned as one of the globe’s beloved mobile games, is now available. From January 8th to March 11th, 2024 participants will engage in Shadow Force, an innovative game mode integrated into ErangelLivik, and Sanhok. This mode introduces numerous alterations and fresh content for players to explore and experience.

Shadow Force mode brings new mechanics and changes to PUBG Mobile

The Shadow Force expansion unveils the formidable Shadow Blade, a potent melee weapon. Its unique sword aura enables striking nearby foes with slashes, employing the Draw Slash ability for swift maneuvering in or out of battles, and utilizing the passive Assault Blade skill to momentarily deflect frontal projectile attacks.

Additionally, the Skytether Hook facilitates propelling across distances, swiftly closing gaps or evading tricky situations. Meanwhile, the tactical-minded can employ the Proxy Scout—an item that deploys a manipulable dummy scout for disrupting adversaries and safely gathering intel.

Across various maps, classic urban zones like Yasnaya Polyana, Prison, and Georgopol have received extensive renovations. These updates include the addition of new structures and alterations to existing ones, providing players with fresh exploration opportunities and diverse loot. Furthermore, select buildings now contain Supply Warehouses and Camo Doors, offering hidden loot and enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

PUBG Mobile version 3.0 unveils expansive upgrades and Arctic Base adventure

The Version 3.0 Update introduces several enhancements to the World of Wonder creative mode. This includes expanded customization choices, templates, interactive elements, and additional gameplay devices. Among the new additions are the Virtual Projection Device, projecting character holograms, and the Humanoid Enemy Spawn Device for creating humanoid PvE foes.

Furthermore, the eagerly anticipated Arctic Base, a fresh Metro Royale map centered on a wintry military stronghold, will debut in the game on January 11th. This update introduces formidable Tank and Commander adversaries, a covert high-pressure air rifle, area destruction mechanics, zip lines, and various other exciting features.

New season and exclusive rewards revealed in the PUBG Mobile version 3.0 update

Between January 14th and March 16th, the forthcoming Royale Pass Ace shall be open for participation. Throughout this period, participants have the opportunity to elevate their rank by fulfilling RP missions, earning exclusive rewards like unique customizable attire, an upgradable melee weapon, a fresh scooter finish, and additional surprises. Simultaneously, the approaching Season will introduce a collection of legendary items, among them the C6S16 Glasses, C6S16 Set, C6S16 Mask, C5S14 Cover, and C6S16 – M24.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, starting February 9th players will see Dragon’s Blessing replacing some airdrops. These will not only have a lightning effect when spawned but may also contain a special Dragon’s Gift. For Valentine’s Day, a new and improved version of the beloved 2-Seat Bike is being added to the game alongside easter eggs, themed locations for romantic photo opportunities, and more. An exciting collaboration with some friendly faces will be revealed very soon, alongside other brand-new IP partnerships.

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