PUBG Mobile version 3.0 leaks tease new Map, Weapons, Game modes, and more

PUBG Mobile is currently running on the 2.9.0 version which brought new features like settings upgrade, new-themed mode, etc. As the game plans to introduce the next version which is 3.0, the developers of PUBG Mobile teased the upcoming update in a surprising way presenting full of leaks for players to anticipate what might come into the game.

However, based on the glimpse that the game shared, here’s a sneak peek of what may come in store for the players.

PUBG Mobile Version 3.0 leaks: New Map in Metro Royale along with other features

The upcoming 3.0 version of PUBG Mobile showcased four types of upcoming features. Those include the latest updates in Classic Mode, Metro Royale, World of Wonder, and the Themed Game Mode.

PUBG Mobile version 3.0 leaks

Image via Krafton

1. Classic Mode

The classic mode will have the most minimalist update. We know that the game doesn’t mess up with the classic mode as it is the core of the title’s gameplay. However, it looks like the latest update will increase bullet damage from a particular sniper rifle which will knock out two opponents at the same time.

If a shoot is perfect enough, you may be lucky to take down two enemies at a time and flex a lot with your teammates. This won’t change the esports scenario much because it’s too tough to find two stable opponents in esports matches.

2. Metro Royale and World Of Wonder

The Metro Royale mode will get a new map and a sniper rifle. Besides, there will be dynamic weather to challenge you while fighting the odds. Besides, an emoji showcased a person wearing a gas mask which could be a hint of gas bombs to suffocate other players to death.

PUBG Mobile version 3.0 to bring Hide and Seek gameplay

Image via Krafton

The World of Wonder will be the most fun update in our view. Because you can transform yourself into various items such as chairs, boxes, and even a tiny snowball in the game! PUBG Mobile is calling it Hide-and-Seek gameplay. You can turn yourself into ducks, food, and even into a sofa! This will be a fun mode to play! Besides, this mode will have zip lines placed in several locations to travel promptly. You’ll also be able to replicate yourself to confuse the enemies.

3. Themed Game Mode

Themed Game Mode will have a new weapon, the sword. It is more of a Katana, so you’ll feel like a samurai inside the game, slicing down enemies that come across you. You will be able to replicate yourself here as well. Besides, you’ll be able to jump from the plane with Wingsuit on, to take you farther.

As Christmas is coming and it is ski season going on, PUBG Mobile will have Ski resorts. We’re not sure what the final item in the themed game mode says but it looks like you’ll be able to join boxing matches with your opponents.

So, PUBG Mobile has yet to announce the official release date of the update keeping it a mystery. However, from what we could assume from the emojis, we put in this article. So, actual gameplay may be different and may have other things as well. A lot more besides these things will come as the game said to introduce more. Till then, we’ll have to wait for PUBG Mobile to release its version 3.0 update.

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