PUBG Mobile version 2.9 update brings a new themed area, exciting collaborations, and more

PUBG Mobile is gearing up to usher in the holiday season with its festive version 2.9 update. Starting from November 7, 2023, until January 7, 2024, players will have the opportunity to engage in battles within Snowy Village, a themed area that introduces innovative ways to navigate the wintry terrain and eliminate opposing players.

Additionally, they can look forward to a variety of festive additions to enhance their holiday spirit. Metro Royale Chapter 17 is also set to make its debut, and the World of Wonder will receive fresh items and enhancements, including a new snow-themed template.

Experience the chills and thrills of Snowy Village in PUBG Mobile 2.9 update

In the version 2.9 update, Snowy Village extends a warm invitation to PUBG Mobile enthusiasts for an extraordinary holiday showdown. Within this update, participants have the opportunity to engage in thrilling combat within a two-story Ice Sculpture Plaza and explore the terrain in novel ways, including using Snow Rails and Snowboards.

For those seeking extra chill, Snowball Blasters with captivating effects are at your disposal. These projectiles, when fired at adversaries, magically transform them into snowmen. Moreover, they can be aimed at the ground to create an icy cover or at bodies of water to freeze them solid.

Snowy Village is also populated with other snowmen, including the Lucky Snowman, who is accompanied by three concealed Snow Toddlers. Once a player locates a Snow Toddler, it becomes a faithful companion, akin to a pet, and can be returned to the Lucky Snowman. Completing this task rewards players with a valuable crate. Additionally, the Version 2.9 update offers more enticing rewards within Lucky Ice, where players must figure out the most effective approach to penetrate the icy exterior to claim the hidden prize.

With the Frost Festival drawing near, Reindeer will make appearances on the map, providing joyous transport for two players who wish to spread cheer throughout the battleground. Furthermore, the maps will be adorned with seasonally decorated trees laden with presents and stockings brimming with supplies.

PUBG Mobile 2.9 update introduces new gameplay improvements and royale pass rewards

Version 2.9 update introduces numerous gameplay enhancements. These include expansions to the World of Wonder creative mode, offering a wider array of PvE options, improved Editor features, and the inclusion of a fresh Snowy Map Template and various Frost Festival objects. Furthermore, it incorporates updates to the ‘Catch Me‘ Gameplay Template and enhances the Skill Management Device, introducing new skills related to transformation gameplay.

The new Royale Pass Ace will be accessible from November 14, 2023, to January 13, 2024. During this period, players have the opportunity to enhance their rank by completing RP missions, earning rewards such as unique color outfits, snow bikes reindeer finishes, and more. Players can also anticipate an exciting collaboration with a renowned sports car brand, with details set to be unveiled in the near future.

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