Mobile Legends on PC: Patch 1.6.18 Patch Preview

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.18 content has been revealed by Moonton. The preview revealed a ton of exciting new content coming in the upcoming major update. This includes the new support hero Floryn which can be obtained for free through the ongoing 5th Anniversary event, hero and skin revamps for Kagura, Lancelot, Lunox, and Hayabusa, new in-game features, and UI changes. The Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 update is expected to arrive on 21st Sept 2021 along with a ton of new in-game content for players to enjoy. Here is a quick preview of what players can expect in the upcoming Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 update.

Moonton reveals the upcoming content for Mobile Legends

The popular mobile MOBA title will be receiving a big update in the coming weeks. Through a YouTube post, Moonton has revealed a slew of exciting new features in the game which will be arriving on 21st Sept 2021.

Here is the new content that players can expect to see in the Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 update;

New Hero Floryn

This new hero has been revealed to be obtainable for free in the 5th Anniversary event of Mobile Legends. Floryn is a support hero that offers a ton of utility and healing to allies. She can also provide one ally with an item that gives them a scaling stats buff and an extra inventory slot.

Highly-anticipated hero revamps

The promised hero revamps for the heroes Kagura, Lunox, Lancelot, and Hayabusa
will also be arriving in the upcoming Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 update.

Some of the in-game skins for the revamped heroes will also receive a makeover, giving them a more visually appealing design.

Interface Revamp

The in-game interface will receive a complete revamp, making it more minimalistic and appealing to the eyes. The new interface also boasts a real-time background lighting system
that will reflect the actual time of the day.

The matchmaking interface, hero selection screen, and events hall have also been optimized, giving them a smoother transition along with granting a greater sense of immersion.

The new Affinity System will also be released during the patch update. This feature allows you to increase the status of your relationship with friends and get rewarded for it.

The upcoming update may just be one of the biggest major updates for Mobile Legends which shall not only shift the meta but shall also grant players a whole new type of experience when playing the mobile MOBA title.

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