Mobile Legends on PC Bruno Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

Bruno is one of the most popular marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. Bruno is not seen very often in the current Meta of The Land of Dawn but he is still a very strong marksman. Bruno got a skin of hero squad recently. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will take a look at the best emblem, spell, build, including tips and tricks to dominate every game with Bruno.

Skill Analysis

Bruno has three active skills and a passive skill like all the other heroes in-game. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will also talk about the skills to use in certain scenarios as well as skill combos to be able to play Bruno to his utmost potential.

Passive – Mecha Legs (Buff)

passive bruno

Each time Bruno’s skill causes damage, his critical chance will be increased by 2% that can stack up to 10 times for a maximum of 20% critical chance increase.

Skill 1 – Volley Shot (Damage, Slowed)

CD – 10

skill 1 bruno

Bruno infuses the power to his Mecha Legs to enhance his next Basic Attack to kick a Powerball to the target, dealing 120/160/200/240/280/320 (+100% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slowing the target by 30% for 0.5 seconds.

Skill 2 – Flying Tackle (Blink CC)

CD – 7

skill 2 bruno

Bruno makes a forward slide tackle, stunning enemies in his path for 0.5 seconds and dealing 140/165/190/215/240/265 (+40% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. If Bruno casts Flying Tackle while there is a Powerball rebounding to him, he will retrieve the PowerBall immediately.

Ultimate – Wave of the World (Burst CC)

CD – 38/33/28

ultimate bruno

Bruno kicks an energy ball with full power at a specified hero, dealing 250/350/450 (+83% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage, knocking back the target and reducing the enemy’s Physical Defense by 4%/6%/8% that stacks up to 3 times for 8 seconds. Afterward, the energy ball will ricochet among enemy heroes up to 10 times, and every hit deals 150/210/270 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage.

Skill-up method for Bruno

His main source of damage is his first skill. So upgrade your first skill first then ultimate whenever available and least priority to his second skill.

Best Emblem set and Spells for Bruno in Mobile Legends

Emblem Setup

Custom Assassin Emblem is the best option for Bruno. Maximizing Movement Speed and Physical Pen with the Killing Spree talent for recovering HP and movement speed after getting a kill in a team fight.

bruno emblem mlbb Mobile Legends Bruno Guide

Battle Spells

Bruno can be played in both jungle and side lane roles. We are focusing as a side lane Bruno. So you will have to go to the gold lane. For jungle, you have to use retribution of course and for the side lane, you can go with Flicker for chinsing or extra escape skills and if you are facing many CC heroes in the enemy team you have to use the Purify to immune the CC skills.

Best Builds for Bruno in Mobile Legends

One can try many builds on Bruno. All which one needs to do is to just follow the enemy’s pick and then decide the role on the battlefield. We have set out the following template to try out with Bruno on the battlefield.

Bruno Best Builds MLBB Mobile Legends Bruno Guide


  • Swift Boots: Bruno needs attack speed items to deal damage. Its passive gives an extra 15% attack speed.
  • Beserker’s Fury: Bruno deals high critical damage. This item is one of the core items for Bruno because it increases crit chances. This helps to burst down enemies with basic attacks.
  • Endless Battle: Another core item for Bruno. Bruno’s skills consume a lot of mana in the early game. You will find yourself running out of mana very quickly. So it is better to buy one or two magic necklace in early game to maintain his mana. That’s why EB is a great item and it gives life a lot of lifestyle.
  • Malefic Roar: It is one of the best items in the late game for Physical Damage dealing heroes. Malefic Roar increases Physical Penetration if the enemy has high physical defense items. This item works great with Bruno’s first skill.
  • Scarlet Phantom: It is a very good item for Bruno because he needs attack speed items. And it gives more critical changes and extra physical attacks. Looks like a complete package for Bruno.
  • The Final Item: This depends on the enemy lineup or game situation. If the enemy has high physical burst damage. You can build Wind of Nature. It is a great item to save yourself, its passive makes you immune to all physical attacks for a few seconds and gives lifestyle along with attack speed. But if the enemy has high magic damage heroes then build Athena Shield to avoid getting busted. You can also buy Immortality which can give you a chance to escape.

Mobile Legends Bruno Gameplay Tips

Bruno is a skilled marksman, and one of the most popular ones in-game. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Bruno guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

Bruno’s early game damage is not that high. It is recommended to go to the Gold lane as a late-game marksman. You have to play safe and passive, avoid getting ganked very early, it will slow down your farming speed. Always try to last hit the minions to get extra gold. This will help you to have some advantage in the laning phase. Use any chance to hit the enemy tower before 5 minutes to get extra gold from the turret shield.

bruno early gameplay Mobile Legends Bruno Guide


Mid Game

At this point, you probably have your two core items ex Windtalker and Endlessbattle with these two items you can deal very good damage. As an offlane marksman, your primary objective is to push the lane or turrets whenever there is a chance. You have to develop good map sense in order to push lane without getting ganked. But if your team is falling behind, try to help them in a team fight, you must maintain your position to deal damage.

Late Game

Bruno is insanely strong at the late game. With the proper full build, Bruno can deal massive damage. It is the most important game of the game, try not to get ambushed, and always stay behind your team. With full stacks on first skill and ultimate combo, Bruno can wipe out the whole enemy team with good positioning.

Bruno is item dependent hero, so you will need a decent farm to play aggressively and he is very strong in the late game. Bruno can take down high physical defensive heroes and can easily burst down squishy heroes. Bruno is a very easy-to-use marksman, so it won’t be very difficult to master Bruno.

bruno late gameplay mlbb Mobile Legends Bruno Guide


Although Bruno can deal huge damage in the late game, he is still very squishy. When you are out of position you can get burst down in no time also he is very weak against cc skills. That’s it for Bruno. Keep practicing with him you will improve a lot faster.

Skill Combos for Bruno

Bruno is mostly dependent on his basic attacks like any other marksman. In order to deal the most damage in a team fight, you have to keep his stacks full before joining the team fight. Use your ultimate if the enemies are grouped together, this way your ultimate will continue to bounce onto multiple enemies and deal more damage. Remember, always try to keep his stacks up, this is very important for him.

skll combo bruno mlbb Mobile Legends Bruno Guide

A very common trick to do with Bruno is the Double ball trick. You can use two balls at the same time. You can do it, when the enhanced first skill ball is in the midair, use the first skill again this way you can use the double ball trick with Bruno, which will help you to farm a lot faster and be very effective in teamfights too. The more you play it will be very easy to maintain the double ball for you.

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