Clash of Clans on PC Gold Pass Season to bring Jungle themed Barbarian King skin

June is about to end and with the starting of a new month, a new Gold Pass arrives for the Clash of Clans players. With some rewards, items, boosts, skins, etc. the Clash of Clans July 2021 Gold Pass season will be making its way to the game and probably bring a jungle-themed Barbarian King skin.

Clash of Clans July 2021 Season skin: Jungle King

Hero Skin is always the primary focus in a season that is exclusively available for the Gold Pass holders. And while players have been expecting a Jungle Barbarian King Skin for July’s Gold Pass, their expectations may come true this time.

Several leaks have hinted that July will be indeed bringing the Barbarian King Jungle set skin inspired from the Town Hall 14 update. Below is the image of the Barbarian King that has surfaced online.

Leaked picture of Jungle King

The Barbarian King can clearly be seen here holding his sword here. And the designs on his weapon, crown, and gauntlet pretty much match the pillars of the Jungle Themed Town Hall 14 shown in the Town Hall Tour. The recent teaser from COC’s social handle pretty much confirms this leak to be true.

Leaked picture of Jungle King

The color of the Barbarian King in the leaked image and the figure is shown in the teaser match exactly the same. Hence there’s a strong possibility of this leak becoming true.

The July Gold Pass will go live in the game in just a few days and asserting the assumptions, it looks like after Royal Champion, Grand Warden and the Archer Queen, players will be adding a new Barbarian King skin to their collection this time completing the Jungle Set for every hero.

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