Clash of Clans June 2023: List of Weekly Events, Challenges, and Rewards

Clash of Clans often has plenty of events that go on in a week depending on the season along with the other plans depending upon the interest. The events and challenges are the ones that keep the interest value in Clash of Clans, and there are usually a lot of rewards to be earned while playing them. It is in the interest of the players to keep an eye on the events that will be arriving at the game, for which we have come up with this space to give you an overview of the weekly events that are taking place this June 2023 in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans June 2023 Weekly Events


Clash of Clans June 2023 Weekly Events

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The Goblin season will be live this June 2023 month. As a result, the concept for the events and challenges will remain the same. There are a few events that are repetitive every month, which are Clan War Leagues and Raid Weekend. Alongside, 1 Gem Army Boost, as well as 1 Gem Resource Boost, will be available as well. Hence, we’ll not be covering in detail about these events. The rest of the events are given every week as follows.

Week 1: 1st June to 7th June

Goblin Queen Challenge

The first challenge of the month will be the Goblin Queen challenge, which will be available to showcase the brand new Goblin-themed Grand Queen skin. A Town Hall 13 base is in the picture, which is a tough nut to crack as two Eagle Artillery placed in the base might be cooking something dangerous.

Goblin Queen Challenge Clash of Clans

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The rewards are pretty average, as there is no potions available this time around.

Super Miner, Wall Breaker, PEKKA

The first three days and three troops event will be featuring Super Miner, Wall Breaker, and PEKKA.

70% off on Super Troops

70% off on Super Troops

Image via Supercell

For four days, players can enjoy the discount on the Super Troops, which will be live starting from 1st June. That is an exciting offer to begin the month!

Week 2: 8th June to 14th June

Goblin Warden Challenge

The Goblin Warden challenge will be available to showcase the brand new Goblin-themed Grand Warden skin. The details will be out once the event is live.

Week 3: 15th June to 21st June

Super Dragon, Wizard, Miner

Even though week 3 currently looks to be a dull affair, players can earn some rewards with the Super Dragon, Wizard, and Miner event that will be live during the week from the 17th of June to the 19th.

Week 4: 22nd June to 30th June

Clan Games

The Clan Games will be live on the 22nd of this month. It is expected to follow the same 50,000 points structure. Currently, the details are not available yet.

Super Giant, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon

This will be the final three days, three troops event. It will feature the Super Giant, Valkyrie, and the Baby Dragon, in which players can participate and earn rewards.

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