Brawl Stars on PC June 2022 Brawl Talk: Deep Sea Brawl, new Chromatic Brawler, new game mode and more

Brawl Stars has announced Season 13 of the Brawl PassDeep Sea Brawl in its June 2022 Brawl Talk. The new season titled Deep Sea Brawl is going to bring a new brawler, Penny Remodel, a brand-new seasonal game mode, and multiple changes to Power League and Clubs. In this article, we will look at all the announcements for the upcoming Season 13 in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Season 13: Deep Sea Brawl

Brawl Stars season 13 deep sea brawl
Image via Supercell

Deep-Sea Brawl is the latest season in Brawl Stars that introduces the players to a new environment. The environment is an underwater paintball arena in Starr Park that houses Otis, the new chromatic brawler. Stu and other brawlers in his trio perform their breathtaking stunts in Starr Park. This season, players will also get new season-themed skins for various existing brawlers.

Brawl Stars June 2022 Brawl Talk: New Chromatic Brawler – Otis

New Chromatic Brawler - Otis
Image via Supercell

Otis is a mysterious creature who lives in the depths of Starr Park and expresses his art using graffiti on any and every wall he finds. He is a long-ranged brawler with similar HP to Shelly and Mortis. He shoots three paintballs that spread out. Otis has a unique super that leaves a mark like Belle using his starfish friend, Syl that disables the enemies’ abilities like attacks, gadgets, and supers.

New Game Mode: Hunters and New Game mode slot

The new game mode is a hybrid of Wipeout and the old seasonal game mode, Lone Star. Unlike Lone Star, where the bounty increased with each kill in Hunters will be counted as one takedown. 10 Brawlers enter the arena with the same rules as Wipeout and the player who gets to 6 kills/finishes first wins while the placement of the remaining players is decided by their respective takedowns when the match ends. Hunters will take place on Showdown maps.

Mystery mode

Brawl Talk June 2022 Mystery Mode slot
Image via Supercell

The new slot will have random maps, game modes, and modifiers that are targeted to be a fun and casual game mode. The new slot will not be live every day.

Penny Remodel and Rework

The long-awaited Penny remodel is finally coming in the update. Penny will not only be receiving a remodel but also is getting reworked to make her place in the meta better. Her range is being reduced and to make amends her projectile speed will be made faster and also be getting an HP buff.

Penny Remodel and Rework
Image via Supercell

She is also getting her second gadget, she drops a barrel on the map to make use of her collateral attack. Lastly, the location of the bombs from the turret will be marked on the ground and her balls of fire star power are being added to her base kit.


Based on various user suggestions on social media, the developers will be adding multiple challenges throughout the update. Some updates will also repeat throughout the year so that players who missed the challenge can get the rewards.

Additionally to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Clash of Clans and Hay Day a challenge will be coming along with gifts. The free Hay Day pin arrives when the update goes live while a quest for Clash of Clans pin and a challenge for a Clash of Clans sprays are also coming. Players will also receive Barbarian Bull skin for free and those who already have it will get reimbursed with gems.

Brawl Stars June 2022 Brawl Talk: List of upcoming Brawler Skins

Thirteen new skins will be introduced with the update. Five skins are based on the new environment, DJ 3. M.Z. is the supercell make winner and the other seven skins in collaboration with line friends and BTS.

Upcoming skins

  • Shark Tooth Colt (Brawl Pass exclusive – Tier 1)
  • Pharaotis (Brawl Pass exclusive – Tier 70)
  • Postal Brock (Power League Skin)
  • Coral Belle
  • OctoFang
  • DJ 3. M.Z
  • Edgar Tata
  • Ruffs Chimmy
  • Bibi RJ
  • Sandy Koya
  • Jacky Cooky
  • Bull Mang
  • Tick Shooky
Brawl Stars June 2022 Brawl Talk
New Skins (Credits: Ash Brawl Stars)

Note: Various content creators will be hosting a giveaway for the new Fang skin. To participate and find out details head over to various social media sites and search for the hashtag #OctoFangGiveAway. Brawl Stars also be conducting a giveaway on their Reddit beginning Sunday or Monday.

Spray prices are being reduced across the board. Post the update brawler sprays will cost 19 gems while general sprays will be available for 29 gems. The price difference between the new and old price will be reimbursed to all those who bought the sprays in Season 12.

Brawl Stars June 2022 Brawl Talk: Power League and Club Changes

Club League is now bi-weekly. To take away burnout from too much competitive play club league is becoming a bi-weekly event and every other week players will take part in Club quests rather than club league. Club quests are easier and more casual than club leagues and bring a social element by making every member contribute for better rewards.

Brawl Stars June 2022 Brawl Talk: Power League and Club Changes
Image via Supercell

Playing with club mates will make progress in club quests faster. To make up for the smaller rewards during Club quests, Club League rewards are getting buff. Players can now suggest brawlers to teammates during Powerplay. Players can see all the brawlers that their teammates have so they can devise their strategy accordingly.

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